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​MUEF Grant Application

MUEF fundraises for the sole purpose of funding grants submitted by educators within the school district.  The grants can be submitted for any discipline – science, technology, art, math, library science, ELA and more – and are often cross-curricular and affect multiple grade levels.  Grant applications are available in early January and are submitted in early April of every school year.  All applications are then reviewed by our Grants Committee, which consists of a subset of our Board of Trustees.  This committee works closely with the grant applicants to answer any outstanding questions it might have before the committee chooses which grants to recommend to the Board.  The final decision on which grants to fund will be made by our Board of Trustees during our meeting in June. There are many factors on which these decisions are based, the most critical being adherence to our mission statement and grant guidelines, including innovation, critical thinking and impact to the school community. 

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