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​MUEF Grant Program

The Mendon-Upton Education Foundation (MUEF) was founded in 2005 to provide its district educators with a vehicle to bring their ideas for creative, innovative and sustainable programming to life in their classrooms and schools.  MUEF offers an extraordinary opportunity to promote real change in the classroom through its grant awards.  We urge our educators, and parents who would like to partner with them, to consider how MUEF might be able to help them come together within or across schools to build programs to capture the attention and interest of students in completely new and exciting ways, while allowing educators to continue to grow in their profession at the same time. 


The goals of the MUEF grant program are:

  • To encourage and support innovative projects in teaching and learning that are consistent with Mendon-Upton’s system-wide goals while reside beyond the scope of the annual school budget

  • To encourage leadership and creativity in teachers and administrators

  • To support grants that impact a significant number of students

  • To encourage cross-school, cross-grade, and cross cultural collaboration

  • To encourage collaboration among teachers, administrators, parents, and community groups to benefit the Mendon-Upton public schools.

MUEF grants are not intended to replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding or programs for the public school system, nor are they intended to substitute for normal budget growth and maintenance.

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