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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Coding Using  RoboMaster 
TT Tello Drone

What is the Robomaster TT Tello Drone? 

The second-generation drone from DJI Education is a programmable drone specifically designed for education to help teach coding and cultivate knowledge in artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics. Drone programming is completed using an iPad or laptop computer in an easily digestible and hands-on approach which is crucial for applying real world knowledge.


The drone hardware is accessed through block coding (Drone Blocks) as well as text coding (Python & Java). The RGB LED lights are programmable (up to 256 shades). The drone’s range is 100 meters and an altitude of 30 meters which is ideal for student use. 


How the Drone is Used for Our Students 

Nipmuc Regional High School 

• Available for use in 9th-12th grades science, math, and computer science classes. • Potential student use from 50 to 150 students. 

• Dovetails nicely with Project Lead the Way high school computer science initiative. • Designed for 8 – 10 week time frame in classes, enabling use in multiple classes. • Used for district’s Inspired Learning Days initiative. 

• Available for after school drone club and/or drone competitions. 

• Used for Nipmuc Showcase for incoming eighth grade students.


Skill Development & Drone Technology

  •  Productive STEM engagement

  • Project collaboration & team building

  • Real world modeling

  • Mathematics, coding & engineering


Industries That Use Drone Technology

1. Surveying, Mapping & Inspection

2. Real Estate 

3. Media & Entertainment 

4. Law Enforcement 

5. Agriculture 

6. Drone Delivery 

7. Transportation & Energy 

8. Fire Fighting



Mini PCR

  • Enhances classroom experience

  • Students do their own DNA experiments start to finish

    • Program their reactions​

    • Track temperature in real time

  • Exposure to industry base laboratory instrument



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